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*Before submitting an email or chat inquiry please check the website or come here first. Only inquiries that can not be found on the website will receive a response. 

1. What is the difference between the virtual chat and the comedy session?

The virtual chat is a 20-minute comedic conversation with Eddie B. which may or may not include dialogue. The 30-minute comedy session is similar to a comedy show except it is virtual and limited to 30 minutes. 

2. Are the virtual sessions live or pre-recorded? 

All virtual sessions are live. 

3. Where do I get the link for Eddie to join our session? 

You create a Zoom or Google Meet link and send it to:

4. What if I have more than 50 staff members for a virtual chat? 

Send an email to to pay the additional participation fee. 

5. How much is the additional participation fee? 

It depends on the number of additional participants. After you have purchased your online session please contact us to pay the additional participation fee. 

6. Can I pay for a session with a check? 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the session we can only accept credit cards for virtual performances. Payment by check will only be considered for in-person performances. 

7. I have questions, can someone please call me? 

All questions are handled via chat or email first. If it is determined there is a need for a phone call, one will be scheduled in the order it is received. 

8. I am an organization that works with a school district, but I do not work for a school. Can I still book a performance? 

Yes, please send an email with details regarding your event for more consideration to

9. How do I get the tour to come to my city? 

We have a team that sets the tour's cities and dates. So just stay tuned to when the tour is coming to a city near you!

10. Can I send you the paperwork that our school needs prior to booking a virtual chat session?

While we would love to fill out paperwork all day long it is impossible to keep up with the number of requests. Therefore, we will only complete paperwork for the virtual district and in-person sessions. 

11. How do I cancel or change my booking? 

You can cancel or change your booking online if you have created an account. 

12. Can you hold a date for my session until I am able to make the 50% payment? 

No. Your date is secured when we receive payment. Until then it will remain on the availability calendar. 

13. When do tickets go on sale for a show? 
The ticket buttons on the shows page provide information on tickets. 
GET TICKETS= tickets are on sale!
ON SALE SOON= tickets are not on sale. When we know, you will too!
ON SALE (WITH A DATE)= tickets will go on sale on that date!


See you in class...

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